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Change of Pace

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 22, 2012, 8:02 AM
Hello World,

Routines are a good thing, I think, but sometimes you do need to break with them.

I still use my digital camera but it's mostly for my photography course. My art continues with Black & White images from my Canon EOS-3.

Now I have another camera in my collection, thanks to my brother who doesn't need it at the moment.

With Autumn closing in and winter coming I thought about switching to color films, to capture the beauty of this season. Also I find the irony intriguing to photograph in Winter with a color film. We will see how it turns out.

From my first three films only one had perfect lighting. I suppose the settings were wrong and the UV Filter  I didn't notice before the shoot didn't help either. But one roll is enough to gauge the effect and I look forward to inspect them more closely.

Mamiya Camera Set

Mamiya ZE-2 Quartz…


1) Mamiya Sekor Zoom E 1:3.8 f = 80 ~ 200 mm | 58mm
2) Mamiya Sekor Zoom E 1:3.5 ~ 4.5 f= 53 ~ 70mm | 55mm
3) Mamiya Sekor E 50mm 1:2 S

Film: Color Fujifilm Superia X-Tra ISO 400…

Miamiya Set Nr. 1 by Picture-Bandit

Miamiya Set Nr. 2 by Picture-Bandit

To all :+devwatch:ers and regular visitors and people who :+fav:

:spotlight-left: thank you for the support :spotlight-right:

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August Feature

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 31, 2012, 3:22 AM
Hello World,

Again a full monthly favourit collection. With me joining more open groups, including other kind of art-work than photography, I noticed that once they are in my messages, it is easier to :+fav: these as well.

There are a lot of pages and probably I missed one or two amazing artworks that I did not share in my journal, so if you are bored or just have a few minutes in your day you might check out the whole folder.

:spotlight-left: There are loads more worthy images in my :+fav:-folder…:

Not Photography

excessive body hair? gilette has a solution! by nebezialstoryteller by andrianartFFX Cover by inkdeathLJlover
Don't Change by 100fires100veiling by berkozturkfloating city kerris by TylerEdlinArt
Underground Market by iancjwMorbidouce by MorbidouceSailing on the sea by Mishice
WeHadADeal by Sadmonsterzero gravity by iCasseith


:thumb310633167:Morning Coffee by wagn18Seriously... by JakezDaniel
random 29.0 by 7oretta

Black And White

Paris II - Le long de la route by BennyBrandOld Cabin Illusions by irishxrose
Storytellers by Mukimaki:thumb320747343:Lands of glass. by nevermade
Davanti, l'infinito. by nevermade


Rock, Paper, EN GARDE! by auxeruhands of the yellow field by huhahohimeer aus pusteblumen by AnnikaLikes
:thumb323613247:Surprise Visitor! by Vishw


The Ocarina of Time by Neko3hikiWinter's forest stream by PoppyHunterMaple's Story by MouzArt
:thumb107327109:River Cairn by RollingFishaysAutumn Waterscape by yanshee

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Polls & Feature

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 22, 2012, 5:43 AM
Hello World,

There is a new :devart: poll considering your group-joining-preferences. But more importantly there is the question of Emotional Inspiration that I ask on my blog. For the moment I have only 8 votes and it only made me more curious.

If you have a minute in your day, please take the time to answer both Polls, you don't need to sign-in/or-up to participate in the blog-poll.

Blog ->…

but I hope you still will have some spare time to look at the mini-feature below.

A few days ago I published this image:

Film - XLII - there is something by Picture-Bandit

promising a feature to the first three who would comment and have correctly identify the hidden "thing"

thanks guys for playing along...


111009-0476 by SummerSnowflakes 052411-01 by SummerSnowflakes Silverlining by SummerSnowflakes


taking a break by redhairedmonster up II by redhairedmonster  just wood. by redhairedmonster


The Dells 10 by OldSchoolHipster What the whole freaking state looks like by OldSchoolHipster The Dells by OldSchoolHipster

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DD Me?!? Really? YES!

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 28, 2012, 7:47 AM
Just need to let the world know... this is truly a life sweetener for a while.

"Polaroid in polaroid in polaroid! Polaroid 94 - Pic of Pic of Pic of pic by *Picture-Bandit uses instant film and an adorable 'model' to make a really fun and creative image "

Featured by RockstarVanity

Polaroid 94 - Pic of Pic of Pic of pic by Picture-Bandit… daily deviations of 28/07/2012 :spotlight-right:

thank for the :+fav:s, comments and the feature in itself.…

:handshake: :bow: :rose:

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July Feature (early)

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 25, 2012, 6:50 AM
Hello World,

Actually it is not yet time for this feature. But I already accumulated a 9 Page favourite folder. Had to stop there. Of course there is loads of stuff to :+fav: on deviantart especially if you have en eclectic taste.

I made the experience with the feature times comes the thinking time. A :+fav: is something that usually happens like a gut-decision. When it comes to decide which image to include into my journal and/or blog there more thinking is done.

Now I joined a few more groups, mainly portraits and street photography, because these are the two new avenues I am currently following. I also made myself the promise to leave any group that declines my images too often. And I only :+fav: submissions from groups that have at least accepted one submission from me. Does not need to be recent but I must now that I have the same chance in getting noticed as all the other group-contributors.

Also for the first time I got a few non-photography :+fav:s which lead me to sort through the images for once and give you a best off of the following genres.

:spotlight-left: There are loads more worthy images in my :+fav:-folder… :spotlight-right:

Not Photography

dragonfly by proxi-mity Rabbit in Wheat by teaganwhite - Underwater: good vs. evil - by SandyLynx
Raphael, by Zatch by Jabroni312 Arm Anatomy Study by AmBr0 Loremaster of Pandaria by ChaoyuanXu
dreaming by jivanika Fireflies by OtisFrampton Shattered by SilverSinner19


Rosy Selfie by lampguru Water by Mishkina Aqua by Ollieverse
Reflection by Mandi7MM Horrible night 2 by Kakaao xrayaway by annacuamic
Rainy Days by musicity Avignon by Lulidae

Black And White

6.22.12 (2) by juliannecrea - Locked - by TomFindahl Lives Only in the Light by LevAni11
- Ten - by TomFindahl Smoky Smelly Thursday by kingmouf :thumb316316264:


1.Create WLand 2. Live forever by xChristina27x flavor of love by Orwald Soft stream song by Clepsidras
Paris in the fog --- Paris sous la brume by Cloudwhisperer67 :thumb310651969: in.deep.sleep by dominickleo
On The River by melonemond

Lightning & special thanks to CavesOfLilith

Stormy Roads by PhotoStalking Lightening by farazbukhari Lightning I by thepunkexperience

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New Project: Encounters

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 12, 2012, 6:38 AM
Hello World,

I have a new project in mind. As the title suggests. Encounters, are what I have. I meet people, friends or strangers and at one point I will take at least one picture of them.
Until now most of these images were just in my private collection, mostly because they were not any good. I just took a small journey through my catalog of images, there are not a lot but a few that I have choose to ignore, not to upload.

But they do fulfill my requirement of quality. Now I am in the process of asking permission to publish the images. Especially of people I know.

The category Street Photography I will reserve for the unknown people.

I also would like to stress the fact that I am well prepared to remove any image that depicts you, just let me know.  

:spotlight-left: All the ways to contact me :spotlight-right:

- - - -

Hallo Welt,

Ich habe ein neues Projekt. Wie der Titel suggeriert. Begegnungen, ist was ich momentan viele habe. Ich treffe Leute, Freunde und Unbekannte und an einem Punkt mache ich mindestens ein Bild von ihnen. Bis jetzt habe ich diese Bilder einfach in meiner privaten Sammlung belassen, oft auch weil diese nicht gut waren. Ich habe gerade eine Wanderung durch mein Foto-Katalog gemacht, es sind nicht viele Bilder aber doch ein Paar bei denen ich mich entschlossen habe sie zu ignorieren, nicht hochzuladen.

Aber sie erfüllen meine Anforderungen an Qualität. Im moment versuche ich die Erlaubnis zu bekommen diese Bilder zu veröffentlichen. Besonders von Personen die ich ja kenne.

Die Kategorie "Street Photography" ist reserviert für Unbekannte Personen.

Falls du dich in einem Bild erkennst und es entfernt haben möchtest einfach nur eine E-Mail / Nachricht schicken.

:spotlight-left: All the ways to contact me :spotlight-right:

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100 Watchers, 100 Followers, 65 Twollowers

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 6, 2012, 11:31 AM
At the start of my online existence I was looking forward to "making many friends quickly", which of course is an oxymoron, but still my naive expectation. I soon realized on deviantart and facebook, and that the popularity that I knew from school and work was just as present in the digital world. As a result I was sometimes disappointed on how other users have X many more friends/watchers/followers. After I left and facebook having many friends lost importance.

Devianart was my digital gallery for people who liked  what I do.  And I continued. My account has undergone several changes. Most recently the decision to afford myself a pro-membership, thanks to DouglasN who usually procures that for me. But also the quality has changed drastically. My first submissions were of a cheap Sony point and shoot camera. My first true camera was a Canon 1000D a birthday gift, then came simple rangefinder analog cameras, a Tele-Lens for my digtial one, also Impossible-Polaroid and most recently a old but pro-quality Canon EOS-3. At one point I realized that I could get more watchers by photographing what people like, but mostly what people like I don't like to photograph. So I stayed true to myself and the pictures I like to take. And now I did it, 100 Watchers (+/-) was and is quite a milestone and the beginning and for me for 3 years.

:spotlight-left:Thanks to all who clicked the button, use their precious time for a comment a :+fav: and just browse my gallery.:spotlight-right:

Bellow we have the Feature of my 1st follower and my 100th

Followers by Picture-Bandit
Wordpress 100 / Twitter 65

Nr 100 :devliaelaeva

one of them by liaelaevapeople like leaves by liaelaevanot in colour by liaelaeva

Wordpress Blog:

PS: I am dumbstruck by the fact that just today I reached 100 followers on wordpress as well :jawdrop:

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June Feature

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 30, 2012, 6:28 AM
I :+fav: a lot. Maybe some of the lucky ones already thought that I am one of these collectors who just :+faves: for the heck of it. But no, that is not the case.
I tend to use deviantart ever more seriously which is also represented in the fact that I have a pro-membership. One of the advantages is that you can share your :+fav:s in your journal.

I would like to mention that the pictures shown here are only  small part. I also shared a few others on my blog , your invited to look at them as well just as going through the whole folder.

Wordpress Blog…

Favourite Folder…

2012.06 Feature

With the coffee by Yellow-with-holesthe sky is everywhere by dearwinterall around by Butterkexcan I show you something? by wyrazobcy
Symbiosis by picture-in-a-frame:thumb306669620:Geometric serie number two by Alexandre-Bordereau:thumb305878185:
TreeKiss by Coigachlast puff. by Altingfest27. Januar 2011 by Filterkaffeethey always leave and come back by blackkpearl
Neutral by NaBHaN

Some of these already have a fair share of attention, others go undeserving unnoticed. Go ahead, spread the :+fav:.

Also take a look at the deviantart-action-worldmap

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Inspiration Poll

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 17, 2012, 3:10 AM
I was just curious if you experience the same thing as I myself with each change of a season. I just notice many little different changes in how and what Inspires creativity within myself.

- - -

The Poll…

To those of you who have a wordpress account you may as well take part in my poll there, would be great -->…

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May Feature

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 4, 2012, 1:33 AM
I have again accumulated quite to collection of favourites over a month. But this time I decided to not put them all on my journal.
I choose a few I liked and hope that they will be enough to peak your interest to check out the whole collection.
From well known deviation to something that only has 5 :+fav:s or so. You can find a lot of things.

:spotlight-left: favourites of may,… :spotlight-right:

Take care,

2012.05 Feature

bones ::: by katworkstake what you need. by Shutter-ShooterNO SIGNAL by NukuzuAn Odd Couple by drifterManifesto
Condensation by FurbinatorZAvengers on Parade (RIP Maurice Sendak) by AgarthanGuide:thumb281076042:
cheshire cat by PixieColdPicture No 4831 by phothomas:thumb302846366:Assassin's Creed - Another Tale, chapter 2 by ChaoyuanXu
Whispering Forever... by Mandi7MMbirds by soldjemmaja ::: by katworks:thumb87849929:
Animal-Lock by almond-goddessCove Village by artbytheo

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April Feature Part II

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 30, 2012, 12:13 PM Part One April Feature :spotlight-right:

2012.04 Feature

Way Into The Forest by Vividlensspring poet by gndrfck:thumb293472884::thumb294442357:
Caffenol just makes it look better by dr-blackrossIremediabil by a14onymus:thumb294679988:Ghost In The Room by jrgee
Daisy Flower by tK78forks by poseidonsimons-sooo by TokugawaLenari~My Dummy Friend~ by Alianz-Shoots
cold perfection II by johngiannis27:thumb243812026::thumb294054298:Mysterious feelings by SandyManase
:thumb291233262:THIRST II by NukuzuOranges anyone? by EdSonnexMatchbox pinhole camera I by june-june
Perfect Round by JiyonePraise by AliveWithTheSun10F5 by PyrosityLe journal - Block DLVI by bwiti
Love / Hate / Jealousy by carlsilverlost in the woods. by Robyn237InteriorOfAbandonedSugarPlant by VeniaminThe Mask Shop by newjuventud
Easel by ScartographerPinch by batmantooRemember Forget by whatwouldyoudoAlone in the Grey by darkdex52
Mine is in the bay by ReygarFaustIn our Hands by thrumyeye:thumb293894280:caught the darkness by hennatea
lady's mirror by NPenguinthe sun will shine. by ralfiberlinHang by arya-sColors by katelynrphotography
Fire Fluffy by ZoranPhotoBiography chapter one by EyeDoorCinemacalla ::: by katworksStone after Stone by Vividlens
:thumb293701707:..... by TokugawaLenarilove. by BlackDennie:thumb291741109:
Paris 1 by superflyninjaRainy Day by OK-Photographyunordinary days by passingbirdPicnic Leftovers by tractern
JUMP by tracternChicago Sky Deck ID by jonniedee:thumb293077402:W H I S K E R S by ZoranPhoto
S w o o n by PapillonTristeLight is my church by LukasSowadablack:Bridge by radioharvestColored Glass- animation by kimerajam

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April Feature Part I

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 30, 2012, 12:11 PM
April Feature Part I

Oh thank you mercy full donater DouglasN. Thanks to him I have another year of Pro-Membership and my followers and random visitors can profit.

The Monthly Deviation-Feature will continue! As usual I have no special "theme" or idea... it's just what I :deviation:s I have discovered this month.

And of course there are to many to fit in to one journal entry. ;) Please take the time and go through the whole scroll-box...
I grant you there are a few well known :deviation:s among them :dd: but also a few gems that definitively deserve more :fav:'s than they have. April Feature Part Two :spotlight-right:

2012.04 Feature Part 1

:thumb299270877:THe DIsciple by cameraflouDouble Indemnity by DianaGrigore:thumb297908522:
Am I beautiful? by ateist-kleranty_Tasse a Cafe by Des-OrdresSan Francisco, The Magic of Golden Gate by alierturkFoggy Crossing by rdungan1918
Little helper by Monster0idThunder and Lightning by fti7Big outside of Starbucks by Pavlovian-Responseworkin by tkaracan
14:06 by andrewpershinAt-At by n0rbibxl:thumb297885264:Mask by MidnightNeedles
Fisherman by vojisDog Spirit by MarcynukLight is my church by LukasSowadaPiggyback by Natsinator
Where I Dream by JillAuvillepsychedelic dayz revesited : day 4 by pekipeki60minutesLeaf on water by CarlosBecerra:thumb290684563:
Forgotten No 3 by akki64Soap Bubble by Vividlens:thumb296751056::thumb270229873:
SUICIDIUM! by NukuzuThe ivy brook by kingbenjiwhere the wild roses grow by panibePepper Spraying by Naolito
A new Picture from the Loch Ness Monster Nessie by chamathe:thumb295871018:Streets of Rome by BlankestCanvasImpression 1691 by SUDOR
:thumb294712535:My Ashtray Heart II by kittycrime:thumb295093716:Olympiyskiy by CorsoDomenic
skateboard by woywoodStation At Night by Vividlens3 by gndrfck:thumb295240872:
:thumb295427842::thumb295428304::thumb295241173:Nothing To Say by Vividlens

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what is in the bag?

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 17, 2012, 7:35 AM
whats it all about?

eric-taylor has asked about the  contents of our camera bags , and promised a feature to each that uncovers his or hers.

What is in the Bag 001 --> Journal… -- eric-taylor
What is in the Bag 002 --> Journal… -- HippieHippo

:spotlight-left:What I Usually Bring Along:spotlight-right:

my bag(s)

what is in the bag by Picture-Bandit

The Same On Instant Film

Polaroid 83 - My Camera Bag by Picture-Bandit

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March Feature Part II

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 1, 2012, 12:51 AM
March Feature Part II

March has given me to many great favourites. According to Deviantart my journal entry will be too long when I post the whole list.
Still it would be nice if you would take the time to look through both entries. I think I found a fair few underappreciated jewels.

:spotlight-left:March Feature Part I:spotlight-right:

2012.03 Part II

let's talk about art by june-juneBroken Hopes 2. by MukimakiGLOOMY by pukensea of steel and plastic by eric-taylor
Classic Reunion by bedustreetartportrait by HenriqueFrazaoUntitled 2 by Xs9nakeThe Same Old Song by Vividlens
Flyer by Vividlens:thumb290194936:Olivephobia by CharissaKlassenSteampunk pseudo-Scorpion Robot by CatherinetteRings
Underworlders by armandeo64Dwarf by armandeo64Jupiter Assault by JonHrubeschFreezing II by econic-media
On the way by kojotcementNorthern Lights2. by noritsu-kokiDemonic, Suppressed, Unseen by ZombieSockslupine by whatzabitch
:thumb289373760:Dimo 2012 by BobRock99Please wait by Naolito
Bungee Jumping by NaolitoWormhole by NaolitoDangerous proposal by NaolitoSelf-Portrait by Naolito
Metro by geonebieridzeDreamscape-II by SteveMcClelland:thumb288435356:On the lookout by LuciaConstantin
autumn jewels by OrwaldOur Darkest Mysteries by indrekvaldek''I think it's a troll garden.'' by STelari
Read the papers by CropcircledesignerSmoke on the water by Rosse-SanNorthern Lights4. by noritsu-kokiDrizzt by Felynx-x
Puddle by Vividlens:thumb288188561:Winter Days by Vividlensbetter late than never by yeahitsmeagain
good morning by Pollyscracker:thumb287047260:Killer Queen by lux69aeternaHolga Black and White Marian by newjuventud
Bairro Alto 04 by andzcobainbooksill by alinakurishevaat the uni in lviv by SheraRut:thumb286706346:

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March Feature Part I

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 1, 2012, 12:44 AM
March Feature Part I

March has given me to many great favourites. According to Deviantart my journal entry will be too long when I post the whole list.
Still it would be nice if you would take the time to look through both entries. I think I found a fair few underappreciated jewels.

:spotlight-left:March Feature Part II:spotlight-right:

2012.03 Part I

Impressions by JillAuvilleHexakosioihexekontahexaphobia by OnurKorpeoglu:thumb152038722:EC with Tim Seaward by Bernardumaine
See you soon. by iTaylieglassworks by frustra-saevaTrue story by SuicideSeasonnWanderlust by CarrieClowers
:thumb292014058:Wire by krazyklodlow orbit by redgreenbooshrouded in mist by eric-taylor
do not block by eric-taylor:thumb290984663:Lena by KnupphBreaking by lpevris
Coffee-holic by NaBHaNEnd of the End by nuriko-kunThe Thinker and the Sleeper by Poetjoeldiane - 2 by matmoon
Without Flowers by MoonsongWolf:la:pple by raenriEn Masse by clockblockDoodle: Busy and Bored by lei-melendres
Christmas ride by abuetheSelfillumination by KutscheSelfillumination by KutscheSelfillumination by Kutsche
:thumb199920419:You've come to journey's end. by TheDreamClubMurderer:thumb260968004:Polaroid 3_16 by Rechbi
:thumb286519869:LAMIA VOX by CRUELGERMPolaroid 1_14 by RechbiRestroom ID by DpressedSoul
caterpillars never wear brown boots. by rainfrohagenghosts in istiklal by bukaleminColored Pencils by Shiloh-TovahMist of Oblivion by Weissglut
North Italy 2009 by BlindSoul10:thumb278503734:Art In The Sand by PhotElleOld Treasures by 0-kelley-0
kris. by BlackDennieA Spider's Perspective by SnapshotsAtMidnightComfort In Insomnia by Morphine-CloudDouble Exposure by matphotograph

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Wordpress Update - Is Study Work?

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 26, 2012, 10:09 AM
Hello World,

For more personal and detailed blogs you should visit my Wordrpess Blog

Fresh From The Press:

Home Studies:…

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February Feature

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 1, 2012, 3:21 AM
Hello World

Another Month has passed and slowly I begin to feel the spring in the air, the snow is melting, the days are longer and warmer... It changes everything.
I have made a few changes in my daily routine. I tend to read-, write and photograph more.

I have decided to start a blog, firstly for input and a bit more liberty than here on deviant art.

But now to the important part; my personal :deviation: collection of the last month.


because coffee can do so much more!
the  japanese garden ::: by katworksthe florianian trees ::: by katworksCaffenol-C-M roll6 C41 Frame 5 CHESS by dr-blackrossCaffenol-C-M roll6 C41 Frame 3 Floating Barn by dr-blackross
Caffenol-C-M roll6 C41 Frame 16 the Calico by dr-blackrossThis is Captain Planet Caffenol by dr-blackrossMonkey Driving the Aspire by dr-blackrossswitchboard by eric-taylor
meter boxes by eric-taylorold wall by eric-taylorCaffenol-C-M roll6 C41 Frame 1 Caffenol-c-m kit by dr-blackross

2012.02 2nd Feature of the Year

Blur by KrisVlad:thumb282366992:Solway Sunburst reprise by CoigachFlowers of The Sea by JillAuville
:thumb255446288::thumb282886097:Electricity by olivier-ramonteutake a smile. by Shutter-Shooter
End by mpjawkaInspector Cumulus by ChristianNauck123 by mirrorsinthestreetMemories.... by daianaramona
:thumb260132196:not even the smallest idea by LimariaPoison Berry by Kel-----BelSerenity in the Deep Sea. by fbruno
A New Beginning by Profiler2006Fire Rain by skypho:thumb283286588:Poem by Pawssou
:thumb283734497:Destroyed Film III by Jantinusluchtkasteel by Jantinus
241 by ozgurdirikA closer look by Fatooome... by TokugawaLenariwinter coffee. by agnsun
Colors by GreenLittleSquirrelThrough The Pipe by VividlensKiosk by VividlensDa Bottle - No. 1 by WhiteLadyAngel
NoName292 by SnobasFrozen Drops by CarchariodonBlizzard by onurkorkmaz.Come healing. by cichutko
Memorial by ScorpidilionFlash delirium by Boritah:thumb284828292:Ragged View by Vividlens
:thumb154348651:The Aragon by jonniedeeGO The God who wasnt there GO GO GO by katr1469 by andrewpershin
rain rain by jetengSozinho by cameraflouN. by xHIMSOULSxTeret 15 by demijurg
Foxy by IzaaaaaOcean Sprays by Hengki24Underpass by VividlensGreta 1 by Robin-Bervini
Parting and Sadness. by daveapfSurviving Winter by VividlensSlobodne pruge by rafinerija
Phallic water by dr-blackross... by I-IONZAColour In Colour by Vividlens

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The Start of Another ...

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 1, 2012, 4:43 PM

January has come and gone. It is mostly a month I let slip by on purpose. Not much is happening and I can mostly successfully let my birthday go by unnoticed.
But now it is done. Unemployment has me again. My pictures of the last year have been viewed, reviewed and re-reviewed I think it was not my best year photography wise. Although I had some success with my analog pictures.

Now I am happy that thanks to the impossible project I can have some fun with instant films.

Impossible Polaroid

Because instant gratification is not soon enough!

Polaroid 21 - Warhole by Picture-BanditPolaroid 12 - WhiteOut IV by Picture-BanditPolaroid 5 - White Out II by Picture-Bandit

2012.01 1st Feature of the Year

L'arbre nu by zoctetThe Stranger by DpressedSoulThe chain of command by EyeDoorCinemaGhosts by LukasSowadaOn The Hunt by darkdex52Lonely Path by thePARANOIDghost
Smudgy by VividlensSmoke by Vividlenspassage by HenriqueFrazao::lightless:: by katworksCastle in the ice by WhiteLadyAngeluntitled.. by BlackDennie
Graffiti by Vividlens:thumb186417998:In shadow.... by BioBiopsyLake by Robin-BerviniLentement by keatonjohnsonsiyah. by MistyTableau
Ah, a Fence and Some Bokeh by l33tc4k3Ice...cold by craeggaA Strangely Isolated Place by IndigoWild:thumb279535519:girl with a pomegranate by i-m-light#31 by lheroine
Grayscale Cinematographer by JordanChizlitDissolved and infused by Christine-Muratonlookin down by rajalizinajarLong Cold Minutes by VividlensYou've got a message by TiphenixStyx by Phoenixstamatis
I will survive. by chocologic:thumb275158529::thumb277052830:The way back by pro-nonAntique by VividlensImmersion by Vividlens
teagans of yore by teaganwhite

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The End Of Another...

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 20, 2011, 2:25 AM

I know I am early but soon there wont be much time for deviant art I think. Not that I am a special christmas lover but still one seemes to have different priorities when it's closing to new year.

Thanks to my Pro-Membership this year I made quite a lot of features and also re-sparkled my interest in photography. I have a bit a different outlook to the new year than a few months ago. So you people who watch me keep your eyes peeled maybe for some POLAROID pictures in the future or more prints or even a succsessfull atempt at developing film with Caffenol

Of all the advent calendar I know... the one of my friend kyuhketsuki is by far the most pleasent of the lot.…

The Features Of 2011

May Collection ->…
June Collection ->…
July Collection ->…
August Collection ->…
September Collection ->…
October Collection ->…
November Collection ->…
Dezember Collection ->…

- - -

On a more personal note: I made my first calendar here on deviantart. Personally I think it is a worthy collection of my best Analog shots of the last two years. But I would be interested in critiques and suggestions.
->… <-

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November Feature

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 5, 2011, 2:25 PM
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Hello World,

I am kind of mind boggled by the fact that my deviation "White Fall Berry" get's so many :+fav:'s

White Fall Berry by Picture-Bandit

thank you all!

But no for something completly different. It is feature time again. As I try every month collecting my favourites and sharing them with the world.

As always the feature inlcudes the Caffenol deviations that were submited to the group. Films developed with coffee and vitamin C....