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April Feature Part I

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 30, 2012, 12:11 PM
April Feature Part I

Oh thank you mercy full donater DouglasN. Thanks to him I have another year of Pro-Membership and my followers and random visitors can profit.

The Monthly Deviation-Feature will continue! As usual I have no special "theme" or idea... it's just what I :deviation:s I have discovered this month.

And of course there are to many to fit in to one journal entry. ;) Please take the time and go through the whole scroll-box...
I grant you there are a few well known :deviation:s among them :dd: but also a few gems that definitively deserve more :fav:'s than they have. April Feature Part Two :spotlight-right:

2012.04 Feature Part 1

:thumb299270877:THe DIsciple by cameraflouDouble Indemnity by DianaGrigore:thumb297908522:
Am I beautiful? by ateist-kleranty_Tasse a Cafe by Des-OrdresSan Francisco, The Magic of Golden Gate by alierturkFoggy Crossing by rdungan1918
Little helper by Monster0idThunder and Lightning by fti7Big outside of Starbucks by Pavlovian-Responseworkin by tkaracan
14:06 by andrewpershinAt-At by n0rbibxlon a rope by PaGoGMask by MidnightNeedles
Fisherman by vojisDog Spirit by MarcynukLight is my church by LukasSowadaPiggyback by Natsinator
Where I Dream by JillAuvillepsychedelic dayz revesited : day 4 by pekipeki60minutesLeaf on water by CarlosBecerra:thumb290684563:
Forgotten No 3 by akki64Soap Bubble by Vividlens:thumb296751056::thumb270229873:
SUICIDIUM! by NukuzuThe ivy brook by kingbenjiwhere the wild roses grow by panibePepper Spraying by Naolito
A new Picture from the Loch Ness Monster Nessie by chamathe:thumb295871018:Streets of Rome by BlankestCanvasImpression 1691 by SUDOR
:thumb294712535:My Ashtray Heart II by kittycrime167 by okilokOlympiyskiy by CorsoDomenic
skateboard by woywoodStation At Night by Vividlens3 by gndrfck:thumb295240872:
:thumb295427842::thumb295428304::thumb295241173:Nothing To Say by Vividlens

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what is in the bag?

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 17, 2012, 7:35 AM
whats it all about?

eric-taylor has asked about the  contents of our camera bags , and promised a feature to each that uncovers his or hers.

What is in the Bag 001 --> Journal… -- eric-taylor
What is in the Bag 002 --> Journal… -- HippieHippo

:spotlight-left:What I Usually Bring Along:spotlight-right:

my bag(s)

what is in the bag by Picture-Bandit

The Same On Instant Film

Polaroid 83 - My Camera Bag by Picture-Bandit

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March Feature Part II

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 1, 2012, 12:51 AM
March Feature Part II

March has given me to many great favourites. According to Deviantart my journal entry will be too long when I post the whole list.
Still it would be nice if you would take the time to look through both entries. I think I found a fair few underappreciated jewels.

:spotlight-left:March Feature Part I:spotlight-right:

2012.03 Part II

let's talk about art by june-juneBroken Hopes 2. by MukimakiGLOOMY by pukensea of steel and plastic by eric-taylor
Classic Reunion by bedustreetartportrait by HenriqueFrazaoUntitled 2 by Xs9nakeThe Same Old Song by Vividlens
Flyer by Vividlens:thumb290194936:Olivephobia by CharissaKlassenSteampunk pseudo-Scorpion Robot by CatherinetteRings
Underworlders by armandeo64Dwarf by armandeo64Jupiter Assault by JonHrubeschFreezing II by econic-media
On the way by kojotcementNorthern Lights2. by noritsu-kokiDemonic, Suppressed, Unseen by ZombieSockslupine by whatzabitch
:thumb289373760:Dimo 2012 by BobRock99Please wait by Naolito
Bungee Jumping by NaolitoWormhole by NaolitoDangerous proposal by NaolitoSelf-Portrait by Naolito
Metro by geonebieridzeDreamscape-II by SteveMcClelland:thumb288435356:On the lookout by DinnerSpoiler
autumn jewels by OrwaldOur Darkest Mysteries by indrekvaldek''I think it's a troll garden.'' by STelari
Read the papers by CropcircledesignerSmoke on the water by Rosse-SanNorthern Lights4. by noritsu-kokiDrizzt by Felynx-x
Puddle by Vividlens:thumb288188561:Winter Days by Vividlensbetter late than never by yeahitsmeagain
good morning by Pollyscracker:thumb287047260:Killer Queen by lux69aeternaHolga Black and White Marian by newjuventud
Bairro Alto 04 by andzcobainbooksill by alinakurishevaat the uni in lviv by SheraRut:thumb286706346:

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March Feature Part I

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 1, 2012, 12:44 AM
March Feature Part I

March has given me to many great favourites. According to Deviantart my journal entry will be too long when I post the whole list.
Still it would be nice if you would take the time to look through both entries. I think I found a fair few underappreciated jewels.

:spotlight-left:March Feature Part II:spotlight-right:

2012.03 Part I

Impressions by JillAuvilleHexakosioihexekontahexaphobia by OnurKorpeoglu:thumb152038722:EC with Tim Seaward by Bernardumaine
See you soon. by iTaylieglassworks by frustra-saevaTrue story by SuicideSeasonnWanderlust by CarrieClowers
the world within... by wizofoz2kWire by krazyklodlow orbit by redgreenbooshrouded in mist by eric-taylor
do not block by eric-taylor:thumb290984663:Lena by KnupphBreaking by lpevris
Coffee-holic by NaBHaNEnd of the End by nuriko-kunThe Thinker and the Sleeper by Poetjoeldiane - 2 by matmoon
Without Flowers by MoonsongWolf:la:pple by raenriEn Masse by clockblockDoodle: Busy and Bored by lei-melendres
Christmas ride by abuetheSelfillumination by KutscheSelfillumination by KutscheSelfillumination by Kutsche
zvepywki by zvepywkaYou've come to journey's end. by TheDreamClubMurderer:thumb260968004:Polaroid 3_16 by Rechbi
:thumb286519869:LAMIA VOX by CRUELGERMPolaroid 1_14 by RechbiRestroom ID by DpressedSoul
caterpillars never wear brown boots. by rainfrohagenghosts in istiklal by bukaleminColored Pencils by Shiloh-TovahMist of Oblivion by Weissglut
North Italy 2009 by BlindSoul10:thumb278503734:Art In The Sand by PhotElleOld Treasures by 0-kelley-0
kris. by BlackDennieA Spider's Perspective by SnapshotsAtMidnightComfort In Insomnia by Morphine-CloudDouble Exposure by matphotograph

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Wordpress Update - Is Study Work?

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 26, 2012, 10:09 AM
Hello World,

For more personal and detailed blogs you should visit my Wordrpess Blog

Fresh From The Press:

Home Studies:…

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February Feature

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 1, 2012, 3:21 AM
Hello World

Another Month has passed and slowly I begin to feel the spring in the air, the snow is melting, the days are longer and warmer... It changes everything.
I have made a few changes in my daily routine. I tend to read-, write and photograph more.

I have decided to start a blog, firstly for input and a bit more liberty than here on deviant art.

But now to the important part; my personal :deviation: collection of the last month.


because coffee can do so much more!
the  japanese garden ::: by katworksthe florianian trees ::: by katworksCaffenol-C-M roll6 C41 Frame 5 CHESS by dr-blackrossCaffenol-C-M roll6 C41 Frame 3 Floating Barn by dr-blackross
Caffenol-C-M roll6 C41 Frame 16 the Calico by dr-blackrossThis is Captain Planet Caffenol by dr-blackrossMonkey Driving the Aspire by dr-blackrossswitchboard by eric-taylor
meter boxes by eric-taylorold wall by eric-taylorCaffenol-C-M roll6 C41 Frame 1 Caffenol-c-m kit by dr-blackross

2012.02 2nd Feature of the Year

Blur by KrisVlad:thumb282366992:Solway Sunburst reprise by CoigachFlowers of The Sea by JillAuville
:thumb255446288:come slowly, Eden! by gokturkayanElectricity by olivier-ramonteutake a smile. by Shutter-Shooter
End by mpjawkaInspector Cumulus by ChristianNauck123 by mirrorsinthestreetMemories.... by daianaramona
what you're about . by freakynightinvegasnot even the smallest idea by LimariaPoison Berry by Kel-----BelSerenity in the Deep Sea. by fbruno
A New Beginning by Profiler2006Fire Rain by skypho:thumb283286588:Poem by Pawssou
:thumb283734497:Destroyed Film III by Jantinusluchtkasteel by Jantinus
241 by ozgurdirikA closer look by Fatooome... by TokugawaLenariwinter coffee. by agnsun
Colors by GreenLittleSquirrelThrough The Pipe by VividlensKiosk by VividlensDa Bottle - No. 1 by WhiteLadyAngel
NoName292 by SnobasFrozen Drops by CarchariodonBlizzard by onurkorkmaz.Come healing. by cichutko
Memorial by ScorpidilionFlash delirium by Boritah:thumb284828292:Ragged View by Vividlens
:thumb154348651:The Aragon by jonniedeeGO The God who wasnt there GO GO GO by katr1469 by andrewpershin
rain rain by jetengSozinho by cameraflouN. by xHIMSOULSxTeret 15 by demijurg
Foxy by IzaaaaaOcean Sprays by Hengki24Underpass by VividlensGreta 1 by Robin-Bervini
Parting and Sadness. by daveapfkatlyn and the canon 1 by legalizeeverythingSurviving Winter by VividlensSlobodne pruge by rafinerija
Phallic water by dr-blackrossA tear here and there by scottjamesprebble... by I-IONZAColour In Colour by Vividlens

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The Start of Another ...

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 1, 2012, 4:43 PM

January has come and gone. It is mostly a month I let slip by on purpose. Not much is happening and I can mostly successfully let my birthday go by unnoticed.
But now it is done. Unemployment has me again. My pictures of the last year have been viewed, reviewed and re-reviewed I think it was not my best year photography wise. Although I had some success with my analog pictures.

Now I am happy that thanks to the impossible project I can have some fun with instant films.

Impossible Polaroid

Because instant gratification is not soon enough!

Polaroid 21 - Warhole by Picture-BanditPolaroid 12 - WhiteOut IV by Picture-BanditPolaroid 5 - White Out II by Picture-Bandit

2012.01 1st Feature of the Year

L'arbre nu by zoctetThe Stranger by DpressedSoulThe chain of command by EyeDoorCinemaGhosts by LukasSowadaOn The Hunt by darkdex52Lonely Path by thePARANOIDghost
Smudgy by VividlensSmoke by Vividlenspassage by HenriqueFrazao::lightless:: by katworksCastle in the ice by WhiteLadyAngeluntitled.. by BlackDennie
Graffiti by Vividlens:thumb186417998:In shadow.... by BioBiopsyLake by Robin-BerviniLentement by keatonjohnsonsiyah. by MistyTableau
Ah, a Fence and Some Bokeh by l33tc4k3Ice...cold by craeggaA Strangely Isolated Place by OM--Shanti--OM:thumb279535519:girl with a pomegranate by i-m-light#31 by lheroine
Grayscale Cinematographer by JordanChizlitDissolved and infused by Christine-Muratonlookin down by rajalizinajarLong Cold Minutes by VividlensYou've got a message by TiphenixStyx by Phoenixstamatis
I will survive. by chocologichidden by PaGoGSonja by PaGoGThe way back by nondaniAntique by VividlensImmersion by Vividlens
teagans of yore by teaganwhite

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The End Of Another...

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 20, 2011, 2:25 AM

I know I am early but soon there wont be much time for deviant art I think. Not that I am a special christmas lover but still one seemes to have different priorities when it's closing to new year.

Thanks to my Pro-Membership this year I made quite a lot of features and also re-sparkled my interest in photography. I have a bit a different outlook to the new year than a few months ago. So you people who watch me keep your eyes peeled maybe for some POLAROID pictures in the future or more prints or even a succsessfull atempt at developing film with Caffenol

Of all the advent calendar I know... the one of my friend kyuhketsuki is by far the most pleasent of the lot.…

The Features Of 2011

May Collection ->…
June Collection ->…
July Collection ->…
August Collection ->…
September Collection ->…
October Collection ->…
November Collection ->…
Dezember Collection ->…

- - -

On a more personal note: I made my first calendar here on deviantart. Personally I think it is a worthy collection of my best Analog shots of the last two years. But I would be interested in critiques and suggestions.
->… <-

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November Feature

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 5, 2011, 2:25 PM
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Hello World,

I am kind of mind boggled by the fact that my deviation "White Fall Berry" get's so many :+fav:'s

White Fall Berry by Picture-Bandit

thank you all!

But no for something completly different. It is feature time again. As I try every month collecting my favourites and sharing them with the world.

As always the feature inlcudes the Caffenol deviations that were submited to the group. Films developed with coffee and vitamin C....

October Journal Feature

Fri Nov 4, 2011, 2:36 AM
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Already another month has passed. Considering my art I am in a blindspot. But at least I still ejoy sharing my discoveries with the few people who take the time to browse through my features.

I had a few job interviews the last few weeks but until now no contract has been signed ;) We will see what happens.

Ok :+devwatch:ers I hope you take the time to take a "full-view" of these deviations. I think it's worth the time

The Painted Snail by StressedJennySKELJANSKI by whoskipbobNaturally by mojewredneja

Years ago .. by PoetjoelButterfly by VividlensA Rainy Day Double Exposure by newjuventud

Fork by SarazhynDenys:thumb262457827::thumb265062068:

:thumb265062742:Free Hugs by VividlensSorrow by DinnerSpoiler

Reflections by ChristopherSacrySmall Lake by Vividlens:thumb264371522:

Bike by takaiyoINDUSTRIAL ZONE by fredmentorSteampunk Scorpion Sculpture by CatherinetteRings

astoria ::: by katworksFoggy Lake by Vividlens:thumb264038089:

the rider ::: by katworksSea Of Fog by VividlensGuardian by martaraff

344 by mil0uLike Being inside a Dream by JeweledFaithLight Raven by Burning2Sleep

Thunderstorm by TheNoskaaautumn atmosphere. by BlackDennieA moment to spare.. by unpluggedsrb1

Colour In Colour by VividlensGiant sun by RobinHedbergCryo Leaf by Miguel-Santos

Random bike by Crypt012The Lake 02 by JDV-from-Areaching the sun by liutawras

Good bye my friends by Rosse-SanThe lost waverings by olivier-ramonteuLand of dreams II. by Rosse-San

Simplicity by georgewjohnsonuntitled by BlackDenniePersona by getested

Oblique by Vividlens:thumb262158580::thumb261842092:

, by kalingerstrassekramermarkt by Foto-Flederrattekramermarkt II by Foto-Flederratte

Francesca Posing by Robin-BerviniFrancesca by Robin-Bervinienchanted by Foto-Flederratte

Francesca double exposure by Robin-BerviniIn Good Time by Kodi111Abseil by DTherien

:thumb261253026:No name by getestedJust Enjoy by Vividlens

Pigeons by Vividlens:thumb261321786:

:iconcaffenol:-Feature included.

Take care,

Late September Feature

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 18, 2011, 3:09 AM
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August Feature

Mon Aug 29, 2011, 1:24 PM
Caffenol Feature

- by Foto-Flederratte:thumb186516861:
::battersea power station:: by katworksSchifferklavier by Foto-FlederratteTree by Vividlens::carousel:: by katworks
door number 3 by katworksRobin, Riki by Robin-BerviniBrick Hallway by eric-taylorBrooklyn Bridge print by Robin-Bervini
After the Rain by eric-taylorReflections by eric-taylorFerry by eric-taylorDirty Thirty by xistix
Stork by Vividlens:thumb217351873:::summer:: by katworks

Every month or so I get bored...

First of all Some :iconcaffenol: features

And some monthly features...

August Feature

:thumb254605240:Nevermore by daisicalolliwogCambodia - Loneliness by lux69aeterna:thumb254423275:
pinhole : escalator by NorbertasKazlauskas:thumb254598444:I Belong to You by gokturkayancome i take you to wonderland by ateist-kleranty
:thumb253448652:Honeycomb by Cya-no-typeRolling Black and White by PaulAllenMorrisTrap by Re3oid
Fragile by AmethystDragon3:thumb253208242:In Fairyland III by PoLazarus2-179- by Jammy-P
Murujuga Reflections by JoycelynSiewSimpleness by romainjlImpact by FK-PhotographyGarage RGB by MarvinDiehl
powieszeni by BreathOfIndustrySan Francisco, The void by alierturkVoices in the Wall by riko-kunla mer by LemonLemonLemon
:thumb252052664:Fly by Vividlens:thumb252959103:New York - Quarters only by DarkSaiF
cereal4. by kamilla-ba grey old tale by deryayilalNarrow Sight Black and White by derek150Pulteney Bridge by PaulAllenMorris
There Is Nothing by JillAuvilleShe comes creeping in by Kentrosaurzebrastructure by declaudiLife Is Beautiful by rocknrolf77
Already Fading by Kodi111What do you see in me? by gommiTooXXIV by lukaspeterecOut of the Darkness by M-2-U
The small bridge by RedNosE2Warm Winter by VividlensOn Top by Vividlens:thumb249783042:

Journal Feature July

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 6, 2011, 11:16 AM
"sharing is caring"

:thumb221545869:Sparkler Illusion by daisicalolliwogIn a row by WWpicturesLight from Beyond by konsultaattican see the music by S-t-r-a-n-g-eAnalytic mind by moisEdyLightning. by TinaS-Photography:thumb243995217:Lightswirl by Vividlens:thumb217351873:Reflections by eric-taylor:thumb216896677:wild by sbnmkcSeven by DasGhulInterrupted by VividlensLightball Catching by melonemond120 by Geo96.. by LeveboXXIII by lukaspeterecDirty Thirty by xistixthe spook factory by katworksles neons by cameraflouBlues Band by VividlensGlazed Door by Vividlens::summer:: by katworksJellyfish by NRWalkerscreen by kyuhketsukiGrunge Series Scan 033c by SteveMcClelland

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"without trace and no guidance you can find what you like"

:thumb213877948::thumb213448352:Caffenol-5 by SteveMcClellandno title 181 by esKadr
21 small house by cheechwizardSomearchiK by Une-Vachecountry road take me home.. by Mayfair710Post Brass Zipper Earrings by thehippychick
Olympus2 by marius-ilie:thumb213009251::thumb214593818:XXI by lukaspeterec
Boats Caffenol by ACBusseCR0013E06-07 by Alternate-DeviantCaffenol Developer by ACBussenightbeforexam. by Altingfest
Just One Of Them by Vividlens::fluttering images:: by katworksPsychedelic by SignCropStealerGoing wild by BennyBrand
:thumb213469966:Retribution by youallreadydead:thumb150675067:garage 2 by cameraflou
Aleksandra, double by Robin-Bervinievol by StevenMackold mask by Mayfair710Time Travel - Mad World by DomyBlue
Spider web by flowersteph:thumb213882090:XVIII by lukaspeterecPretty Bird by UglyOctopus
Chicago XC by DanielJButlerCR009E23-24 by Alternate-DeviantEastman by onurkorkmazAgainst The Sky by Burning-Liquid
v e n t-n o u s-p o r t e r a by cemalsamlirome 114 by AlexGrifoZeit fuer Sandsaecke II by McElementargrizzley dandelions by sandae
RUN by dskphotographyHolga 04 by rawimagefilm-077 by LevyNagySummer Class_5 by kiteflyin
studio window by katworksIce by BzzztYou are beautiful . by ToxicDidii
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Hello World,

Ok last month I collected all the favourites in to one folder. It is time to give something back and use my pro membership status.

Here are the winners of Shutter-Vision's "Patterns" contest.

:bulletblue:1st place:
:thumb207399152: by :iconkrynicki: Krynicki

:bulletblue:2nd place:
Shingles by CitrusGraphix by :iconcitrusgraphix: CitrusGraphix

:bulletblue:3rd place:
Repetitions by a-kid-at-heart by :icona-kid-at-heart: a-kid-at-heart

:bulletblue:Honourable Mentions:
Nighttime Lighting by michaeleen Peacock Dazzle by SeaSpryte
by michaeleen & SeaSpryte

:spotlight-left:My Monthly Discoveries :spotlight-right:

Steampunk Light Bulb Earrings by Tanith-Roheshape the future of the middle by sethlamdenLausanne by Robin-Berviniflower and moonshine by DangerZwieback
Savage by PopDavidOur Torn Kisses IV by FloteTire Against Vacancy by wagn18Paris III by Vive-Le-Rock
:thumb105941927:Steampunk Portal by RisachantagThe Gentlemanly Escort Cube by RisachantagTower of Glass by Norskulv
Glass and Steel Grid by Robin-Bervini:thumb206965349::thumb192854332:The slit by Kosmur
Ever feel like this? by Matman311Situation finale by zekegirlSpigot by captainslack0_xx by Al-Baum
b l a z e o u t by slnTHCatre by a14onymusShadow dance by DarkMagoohands tied by jackanselloughney
hdr landscape 4 by jackanselloughneysoup at christmas by little-billieInside what's within behind by beldongaCan't Leave his Bubble by IntoTheFire92
yellow square by 1510Reflected Glass by Jeana-M-Photography

take care,

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Hello everyone,

Ok my alter ego Caffenol-Bandit has finally developed his first roll of film. (With Coffee and Vitamin-C I might add)

Film 1 - Crane Street by Caffenol-BanditFilm 1 - Blur by Caffenol-BanditFilm 1 - Room by Caffenol-BanditFilm 1 - Room II by Caffenol-Bandit

Film 1 - Room III by Caffenol-BanditFilm 1 - Parking by Caffenol-BanditFilm 1 - Ripped by Caffenol-BanditFilm 1 - empty lot by Caffenol-Bandit

Film 1 - Construction by Caffenol-BanditFilm 1 - Empty Lot II by Caffenol-BanditFilm 1 - roundabout by Caffenol-BanditFilm 1 - Street by Caffenol-Bandit

Film 1 - car by Caffenol-BanditFilm 1 - Street II by Caffenol-BanditFilm 1 - Riverscape by Caffenol-Bandit
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Hello World,

I have taken down my journal for over a year. Last entry was December 2009.

Quite Impressive. Last year I mostly made concert pictures which I uploaded to Facebook, where they are appreciated by the party goers.

But this concert time is now over for a few months and I made several new discoveries as well as real life experiences.

This was actually the first time I had to take a step back from photography. But I think I slowly get back on track.

First of all I need to introduce my Devart-Alterego officially.

You also will find me under Caffenol-Bandit as admin of the group :iconcaffenol:

Caffenol is a way to develop negativs at home. (more at the user and group)

Since I expect a high number of pictures as well as a lot of mishaps I decided to start this alter ego.

Now thanks to the credit card of DouglasN I have the chance to experience Deviantart as a Premium Member for a year.

Hope to be arround more often and participate with group features etc. more often.

Film XV - Shadows by Picture-Bandit

currently my favourite analogue shot
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Hello People,

Just for the record I hope you all have a nice last day of the year and a good party this evening.

I hope that next year some new pictures will be submitted but I had a artistic dry-spell the last few months.

You all take care and let's hope that next year will bring some new chances...

My Groups:
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Needed to get that stupid journal game away from my main page.

Currently very busy with school work... and looking for work...

I hope we will have  a pretty Winter so I may soon submit worthy pictures. Autumn did not work out for me.

cu arround


My Clubs:
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Hello Folks,

Well I am usually not that guy who starts with journal games and hunts features the whole day... I just posted... got featured and then hey... I can spread the love...

I don't even think 9 People will comment here. As you might know I only can put links of your deviations here because, no-sub-no-thumb, but that is what I can and will do.

Now for the people who have no clue what I am talking about cryoclaire has made the same Feature game where I missed out on my position because I was too late. But I was lucky to get another feature in dr-kelso's journal. :thanks:

Now for the rules:

1) Be one of the first 9 people commenting on this journal entry, and I will add you to the Promotional List

2) For each of the 9 first people answering this journal I will put his/her avatar and the three deviations I like most from his/her gallery on the list.

3) If you answer, you'll have to do the same in your journal, putting me on the first place, completing this way the list with 10 people. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone!

1) :icondr-kelso:………

2) :iconcucumber-sandwiches:
cucumber-sandwiches.deviantart… cucumber-sandwiches.deviantart… cucumber-sandwiches.deviantart…

3) :iconpierette:………

4) :iconxharlequinx:………

5)  :dead:
6) :dead:
7) :dead:
8) :dead:
9) :dead:
10) :dead:

I closed it... I think I let enough time pass...


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