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Hello World,

Before I write the feature for October I would like to showcase a joint venture I started this year with a friend of mine. 

Thanks to Petra , some simple Polaroid snapshots get an acrylic illustrator overhaul. 

Your comments, thoughts and suggestions are welcome. 

I think the series has great potential and am glad that my friend is willing to continue. 

- - -

the view is what counts in the end by Picture-BanditMonster and Opossum by Picture-Banditvanishing sisyphean labour by Picture-Bandit
anticipation by Picture-Banditunconcerned circus thoughts by Picture-Banditwhen a stone can wish for a movie by Picture-Bandit
The Narcissist's Stone by Picture-BanditThe Problemsolver by Picture-BanditCircus Station by Picture-Bandit
Reader by Picture-BanditGeometry by Picture-Bandit

- - - 

raw polaroids have a working title

illustrations have the final and Petra approved name

mashed up names

- - - 

Thanks again! 
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Hello World

Check out my favorites of September.

I would be very great-full if you could cast your vote on my recent poll, it is once again undecided and a bit too close to call.

Just choose your favorite and I will try to write 1000 Words for that image. 

And now to the few discoveries I made on deviant-art this month, give these artist a :+fav: , a comment or a share on your favorite social network. I think they deserved it. 

- - - 

Gleam by TamarBurduliUntitled by yup12Untitled by nairafee
Serenity by CrazyGirL44Star Wars- Slicer by UdonCrewthe unexpected by M0THart
Star Wars Greedo by skottieyounga fiery throng of muted angels. by panna-phiRothaarchen II by ArrHart
Guess by ZephyraMilieWaterpipe II by FrostroomheadLight plays by scheinbar
Pretzel Logic (Part 1 - Film Version) by TAGFotoImmobilised by LeeAnnGlenn
imagine by vrupatel
edyta by LostOneself

remember? by spiritmadeofstars
- - - 

And follow my Freelance-Existence, if you feel so inclined. (still working on all these pages/existences)

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Hello World,

I would welcome anyone who casts his vote in my most recent poll to choose a favorite image. I will then write a story of at least 1000 words using that image as inspiration.

The results of the current poll are too neck and neck to decide at the moment.…

I am still writing and thinking about the other stories I have to create from past polls.  

To read the stories I created until now you could check out my blog

vista by Picture-Bandit…

Epsilon - Kodak - eff off by Picture-Bandit…

Comfy Chair
hekkaideka - kodak - comfy street chair by Picture-Bandit…
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Hello World

Check out my favorites from August

Two pages of favs seem to be my average. 

Deviantart seems a bit less active these days, though I might be guilty of this change as well. I fav more than I comment. 

I also started to streamline the groups I joined. If my own deviations have been rejected several times (not out of submissions error but lack of "quality") I left the group, if my art is no good enough so I believe my :+fav: and comments lack the same kind of quality. 

I would be pleasantly surprised if :devart: would enable active users/members to take over groups without leadership due to inactivity of moderators and group creators. Especially many #polaroid groups are inactive because deviations are not approved by the group management. 

Now check out these artworks from August and drop a fav or even a comment. It is almost always appreciated. 

And follow my Freelance-Existence, if you feel so inclined. 

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Hello World,

Summer comes and goes and my wishes for summer rain have been fulfilled. 

I can not complain and I have nothing more to say. 

Check out the amazing art  I discovered during the last month. 

Follow My Freelance-Existence, if you feel so inclined.  nichtdigial  Google Seite / Google Business  @nichtdigital

- - - -


Art book by ErikPhamNew Heart Shadow by ElifKarakocBlue Triangle II by ElifKarakoc
Marcahausi by vonsacLet the adventure begin by thedaydreaminggirlGoing to prom by PaparazziZiw
expectations by Sea-of-IceBeautiful Memory by SteppenwolfArtEscheresque by LeWelsch
IN70608 by ionWillOlivia Polaroid 1 by Queen-KittyCreature by tia0608
Lonely lake by NinaSeverThe Alley by maxlake2Untitled by jonniedee
Paper Wings I by JinnyJoeHis veins were like the roots of trees... by SaffellaZAQU by Abanna
hemisphere by Ceecorealex @ the lake by Neji55A boy and his dog by sandara
Tagus by NiobsidianAnatomie by fleur-de-Lis4444

Mature Content

Private life III by NinaSever

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Hello World,

With this Summer many little projects came to a close. My exhibition is finished and was probably the last of this series (peddlingofbeauty.daportfolio.c…) all in all this project has been a success. I passed my further education course as well as my English exams.

The last few weeks I didn't work on Art or wrote many applications what I did do was open several social accounts to the name of "nichtdigital" (not digital) my attempt at making my analog photography available for hire, cameras, skills and all. 

If you feel so inclined you can drop a like a watch a follow a + or whatever they wish to call it :D This existence is still in the building phase so I would welcome some new connections. 


Facebook: nichtdigial

Google+: Google Seite / Google Business 

Twitter: @nichtdigital

- - - -


Working hands by DizzyiCFresh by PurplexBlueMaksimir by MauraGreen

Taking a bath III by Leon13thAlmost the same by SunnySpringFriday, May 29 by AlexandrinaAna

handmade by secret-mirrorexit by riinnnathere's a fire in his soul by fotomademoiselle

Pastoral by Queen-KittyFew hours in Soho by NinaSeverI am small by Batsceba

200X Youth by MaxenshteinDarkOtherworld by TrichardsenUntamed by daijouboom

Lady in Blue dress by IlonaShevchishinaSerenade With Strings -oil painting by bordaCopycat by sandas04

... and many more cool images in my favorite folder 2015.06

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Hello World,

1st a little bit of self promotion... and then the monthly feature, I hope you understand :bow:  

Exhibition Polaroid Project

paperfleet by Picture-Bandit

Some of you, though very few, are based in Switzerland and so in reach to look at my 2nd exhibition of my Polaroid Project.

Through the month of June the pictures are exhibited in the Coq D'Or in Olten, Switzerland a nice little cultural bar to have a beer or listen to some tunes. 


As Always take your time and check out your favorites and give the artist a shoutout or a :+fav: 

illustration is for NSB by MattiasA
DP by apiaronaDark paradise.17 by Siera2

trauma by pekipeki60minutes
Untitled by marshmallow-childWork with the light I by chat-de-gouttiere
ruining me by spiritmadeofstars
Necrosis (60/365) by MeanDarkSmileAir Mail by niklin1
The night we broke the Moon - oil painting by borda
Cabinet of Souls by laura-makabreskudefense d'afficher by hunky-doris
half by ErinBird
Boy by ezkilzonVintage Sound by WickedOwl514
Customers by ezkilzon
Spring by NinaSeverKeep Your Fire Burning Bright by kerbyrosanes
don't lick that night by ruiManuelR
#deadbird // 4 by chat-de-gouttierematches by gndrfck
The Alces Mount by JillAuville

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Hello World

Not Many words for the month or the moment, I am very busy preparing for my further education exams that are coming up. So I thought it would be best to get the feature out of the way. 

I am sorry it is so unceremoniously but still hope that you will check out some of the artist mentioned here.

Inside No. 9 by kubratopcuMirror by PurplexBluedelta by analogphoto
Logan Samurai by urban-barbarianInsidious by fleur-de-Lis4444Market Gate by sandara
Birds by Tohad
numb... by LostOneselfKill the pig! Cut her throat! Spill her blood! by chat-de-gouttiere~ by SvartalfarModel
'15 14/52 by arianekanature in my blood by DavidSchermannCLXXIV. Yellow by arianeka
numb... by LostOneselfPussy by theemrock

Take Care,
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Hello World

I have my 2nd Photography exhibition tomorrow and over the next few days. I know most of my deviant-art followers are not close enough to visit so take a look at the series on my portfolio page. 

A friend of mine already found and ordered a favorite

Yesteryear by Picture-Bandit


Redhead by SofiaLupulBOOKSHOP by marius1956CLXXII. by arianeka
I Wonder by CanankkShe treats me well by NinaSever18670001 by ejrotsih
Leaf Trapped Under Ice by WickedOwl514Autumn bridge by KARRRAlone by CekicPhotography
untitled by cPaosTunisia 4 19... by Kitsch1984sign. by agnsun
Untitled by eulalievarenneBack in motion by iNeedChemicalXA Sky Caterpillar of Death by MenervaTau


Fug by MonifaStarrwhat 7 brains can find out by scheinbar
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star by NanoMortis
because it hurts 280315 by Valentin-e-Winter
The Queens Chambers (Prophets of the Ghost Ants) by m0zch0psThe Knight with no name by theDURRRRIAN
Cassie and Tonk by wlopDiplomatic mission by MattiasA

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Hello World,

Well winter is over! It couldn't have happen at a better time I need the sun right now and warmer weather. 
There is the usual up and down of life. My blog is a bit neglected just as my deviantart account has been dormant for the cold months. I do hope to avail you of some new content pretty soon. 

What I was able to achieve is to frame 18 pieces of my Polaroid project and have already two exhibition spots for the year. 

Gold and Grey Framed Version by Picture-Bandit
SNFF by Picture-Bandithere at the tree by Picture-Bandit

Traveller by amipalI'll wrap up my bones by NinaSeverI love you more than a cup of coffee by spiritmadeofstars
In my waiting room, in my poppy dress by AnnaO-PhotographyDay 258 - Apex by MonsterBrandYaroslava Owl by TanjaMoss
CLXV. by arianekaeros by httpBEEMZEvidence.. by mirpiphotography
The girl from the wardrobe by marshmallow-childBonfire by Julie-de-Waroquiermasz tu karpia oko by ejrotsih
18. by lydluSKAthe aeronautics by deer-oPurity polaroid 4 by Queen-Kitty
on a half forgotten day by BlauBeerKuchen
The Nikon Weapon by wchild

Not Photography
Memory jar by dasidaria-artLong-haul flight by TohadHiding by hyyb
Sky Galleons of Mars by flaviobollamedieval Batgirl vs joker dragon by paulobarriosEdo Period Jedi by artofjosevega
Branches by velvetcat
A Place to Call Home by noahbradley
Math by Erica-JayDen of thieves by Vatsel
Hanging On by djz0mb13

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Hello World

Ah the new year has begun already and January has soon come and gone. I celebrated my 32nd year of life on this planet and actually enjoyed about half of it quite well. I will continue my tradition of the monthly journal features and the sharing of my discoveries on deviantart. 

Rzecz tajemna by AnnaO-Photographyremember me. by megfinyte
Trailer by TinaS-Photographymy sister Sara by M0THart
If I had a Twin by Meljona
365DAYSPROJECT 256 by LucienWittwerThe Jungle by PlastikStars

Dream of you by Bomb-Creatorecho lake by Adrienneknott
Frozen Forest by Metal-BenderWinter Berries ::: by Birgit-Zartl-Photo
The Emptiness Inside by JustinDeRosait will always find a way by chriseastmids
Sky full of stars v2 by BaxiaArtSilence by The--Dark--Knight


An old well from Tarnowskie Gory by sanderusLollipop by AndrewMcIntoshArt
Wake by wlopLuna by drcolour
Ad astra by Le-Petit-FritzShrimp-bot head sketch by thomaswievegg
Fall by TohadSteam Windmill by draken4o
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Hello World

I have been enjoying my work holidays, digital off-time as well as an artistic break. Snow has engulfed my home shortly after Christmas and it has become a good winter. 
But I had to comeback for a short time to gather the deviations for the last feature of the year 2014. As an opportunity to pat myself on the back that I published a feature every month this year. 

As it was Christmas and will be new year I made the list a bit more extensive. Still there are some favorites, worth a visit, hidden in my 2014.12 Folder

I do hope you are having a good time in the last days of this year and looking forward to 2015 with the hope of it getting even better. 

take care,
Picture Bandit 

Pokemon Wallpaper by AtheistNationGasmask (2) by cxpkersLeave a light on ::: by Birgit-Zartl-Photo
THE BEGINNING OF THE JOURNEY(5) by M0THartcolors of mind by ccconvoitiseVirgin Melancholy V by PaparazziZiw
Capela dos Ossos by EpytafePaw / die Pfote by CharlieWerwolf:thumb503364055:
$kinless by tronzeroThe girl and the cello by elyssa-obscuraPlague2 by anotherone0
just a wednesday by IgnitePhmutual love by berkozturk18305 by anotherreverie
Garden Golem by AndrewMcIntoshArtHybrid by engineerJRThe days are slow here by elyssa-obscura
:thumb295603662:Reflection by ClaireWellerFeed The Poor Man's Greed by veeegeee
landscape by polosatkinSecret-place by imperioliFeather Falls by DVanDyk
Peek-a-boo by 3RiiN000038 by AurikiaCamouflage by The-Happy-Thought
secret hideout.. by A-FinchHinata by gin-1994hushed times by ArrHart
DIY planet by MattiasAlife by berkozturk000032-001 by Aurikia
Marilla by aufzehengehenKatrin by aufzehengehenProphets Of The Ghost Ants - Priests of Dolgeeno by m0zch0ps
UnderWater by taujp

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Hello World,

I get the feature out of the way during my weekend. There are more images in my collection folder  not only beautiful women with red hair but for a change I made series out of my favorites. 

I hope you do enjoy and give the artist their deserved pageview and :+fav: 

You can check out my Pinterest Page to see what I liked on other places on the web (blogs & stuff)
I also signed up for 500px to check out another photo-sharing site (not leaving DA though)

sometimes.... by sollenafotografieclarity by spiritmadeofstarsNovember's stories by TanjaMoss
Mary by pholwisesUnder sweetness by Meljona:thumb493247553:
Mina by sollenafotografie:thumb497112636:Everyday is like Sunday by MarinaCoric

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Hello World,

Now I believe that autumn has given me all he had. I was lucky enough that last weekend, weather, time and model presented themselves in their Sunday-best. The pictures are not yet uploaded, thought I first have to post my monthly journal feature to get back in to it.  But keep an eye on my polaroid project it is still ongoing. 

Before we get to the artworks I would like to point out the new twitter account of my brother, living as an expat in Moshi Tanzania he has now a new idea that I think should be shared and appreciated. 

With his "Dive in Swahili" account he offers a cultural and linguistic insight in to a unappreciated language. The few words and sayings I know from Swahili have already opened up my eyes to the inherit poetry of the language. I hope to gather some more knowledge and by doing so feeling connected to a brother abroad. What he needs now is support, shares, re-tweets and interested followers. 

 #kiswahili #swahili #wordforword #translation

Swahili [Coast] Kiswahili - The language of the coast The language you learn on this account.

Elimu ni bahari. [Education is ocean.] Education is an ocean. (It never ends..)

Haraka haraka haina baraka. [Haste haste not-it-has blessing] There is no blessing in hurrying.

He has now also made a homepage/blog

- - - 

From this unusual sharing and caring part back to the usual favorites of the last month. October in that case or the 10th time this year where I showcased a few of my favorites. 

Others you can find in the collection 2014.10

or in a day (or two or three) a short list on my blog 

- - - 

give the artist a page view and a like

Erkanmatik 2014 06 by ErkanKalenderli:thumb485398055:Chateau de Rochendaal 10 by yanshee
Corporeal Divide by TheGhostVirusMorceau by TamarBurduliMountain Spring Sunset by AlecsPS
Evening games at the height II - New framing by AlejandroCastilloSX-70 by Queen-KittySmall Griffin by sandara
yesterday | forest room was red (black) by bebefromtheblockUntitled by FabriziaMiliaPhotoshe never asked for this by cryoclaire
Bikes in Place by darkdex52Race Through The Woods by MarcoBucciStone - Work In Progress by AndrewMcIntoshArt
Agony.Pt.1 by ZaytsevDmitryOphelia by fairyladyphotographySymmetry of China by Lash-Upon-Lash
Mon Repos 5 by silverwing-sparrowFurry Destroyer of Universe by SkavenZverovPostcard from China 17 by JACAC
Lost in the labyrinth of... by momentsawEvil Queen by ravadorlighting device ::: by aopan
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Hello World,

Let's get the feature for September out of the way. The Month has passed very quickly and for a moment I though it would change from Summer to winter directly. Still it got warmer after a while and I had the chance to photograph not one but two outdoor shootings for my polaroid project. Most of all my blog has suffered within the last month and maybe some online-game friendships as well. 

Before we get to the artworks I would like to point out the new twitter account of my brother, living as an expat in Moshi Tanzania he has now a new idea that I think should be shared and appreciated.

With his
"Dive in Swahili" account he offers a cultural and linguistic insight in to a unappreciated language . The few words and sayings I know from Swahili have already opened up my eyes to the inherit poetry of the language. I hope to gather some more knowledge and by doing so feeling connected to a brother abroad. What he needs now is support, shares, re-tweets and interested followers. 

 #kiswahili #swahili #wordforword #translation

Swahili [Coast] Kiswahili - The language of the coast The language you learn on this account.

Elimu ni bahari. [Education is ocean.] Education is an ocean. (It never ends..)

Haraka haraka haina baraka. [Haste haste not-it-has blessing] There is no blessing in hurrying.

- - - 

From this unusual sharing and caring part back to the usual favorites of the last month. September in that case or the 9th time this year where I showcased a few of my favorites. 

Others you can find in the collection 2014.09

or in a day (or two or three) a short list on my blog 

- - - 

give the artist a page view and a like

Lights I by DottedDressCotton Candy Sunset by Atinajain't gonna hurt you. by ralfiberlin
mirror by schnottePurr by darktrotskyAbyss by Psychothrone
Abandoned lighthouse by Djoze32the confrontation... by clochartist-photomaking memories by Rona-Keller
Smoke by IrabethStarcon 2014 by EnyxPhotoBeauty by ASBozdemir
Adrianne by Kevat-vaeltajakaczuszka by britniiuntitled ::: by Birgit-Zartl-Photo
Feeling good by tsubaki77Uncoloured by PSubatvelvet by Adrienneknott
Courtyard in Saint Petersburg 4. by 2ravenssails by stachelpferdchenThe Art of Dreaming by ArrHart
251 / 365 by OliviaRosePhotoAnders by WinPicsMario Kart BADASS by Tohad
No coffee but apples. by entengruetzeLying in the grass by EmilyLPhotographyPaint It Black by Kontinuierlich

take care,
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Hello World,

It's about this time of month again. Feature time, sharing is caring time. Since I got a lot of things going on from September on I think it's best to get my stuff in order on Sunday. For the last few weeks it worked really well to schedule my blog posts to be released during the week. It has the advantage that I don't need to be in front of my PC every day and every night and still have a certain routine with my publications. 

The art projects are a bit on standby, we had a really crappy Summer with loads of rain so my Portrait Project didn't continue. Although I do have the revised version of my poetry collection at home it still needs some touching up and then a 2nd order from blurb.

As always only a few images from my favorite folder has been included here. A few others on my blog

Take care,

Rhinoceros by yuushi01On The Other Side by veeegeeeomen by InPluvia
What Remained of the bird that is in Me by LiebegabyFasten your seatbelts... by ansdesignConTemporal 14 by rebelyouthphoto
Tree =) ~ AStoKo by AStoKoUntitled by anastasiyacemeteryUrban Joke I by Epytafe
Barcode by feigenfruchtHanna by aufzehengeheninsomnia II by arturo-ornelas
bon voyage by stevenfieldsTag Gallery by traffic-skyWhen money takes the voice by CharlotteBronte
Night Watch by RalphHorsley

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Hello World

I am a wee bit late with my monthly journal, I even thought of letting it slide completely but after the last few months, the changes, the happy times and the actually quite fulfilled life I decided not to give up what has helped me through some of the tougher times. 

My digital routines, be it here on deviantart, my blog or on twitter need to be re-kindled. I enjoyed a month of digital abstinence. I was in front of my PC but I gamed & watched movies and series. Everything that felt right. 

These days it feels right to get back in to featuring, writing etc. You will see when you check out the folder that there aren't many favorites collected last month but either the nice weather had me outside or the bad weather inside relaxing. 

I also took a short trip to Berlin and even got to photographing a bit. Expecting the developed images at the end of this week. 

If you have noticed my absence don't worry I am soon back with regular favorites and uploads. There is still a portrait project that I would like to continue till October I though. We will see. 

Dark Souls-esque Series: A Tool for the Blessed by Karmas-Camera:thumb464806936:s t o r y t i m e by silvia-giuli
Rest by clearwatercamEdge of the World by AndrewMcIntoshArtStripe pattern by NielsBoere
will you journey back with me? by sophiaazhouGive me a little love by crazygrinUrban Cats - 40 by MARX77
Calvary by eDDie-TKHome by TakumerWatch Your Step by Karolina-Borkowski
Belize 44 by NSolankiCity State of the Invincible Overlord by RalphHorsleyOn the line by ZephyraMilie
the sound of missing you by LNePrZat home by Rona-KellerShadow Puppet by OhDough
Alzbeta by Trepkaan apple by midgardartUnderseastorytelling by Checanty
The piano 2 by phanabelliaRippledipple by LovieLovetreeA flick of the wrist by firefox2171
*** by opriscoThe Otamay clan by nkabuto

The same holds true for my blog and the collected likes on Pinterest, not much has been going on.  
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  • Drinking: club-mate cola :D
Hello World

Everything is going slow at the moment, looking for publishers is slow, looking for work goes slow, looking for exhibition places is slow and today is such a rainy day that even life goes slow. So I decided to get my monthly features in place and get at least something done. 

As always on Pinterest you will find my Blog likes of the month. Equal to the Journal feature here on deviantart.

Never by eikoweb Moonchild by ElenaHelfrechtArtist by valkeeja
Fuel by Corvidae65Bill Viola Show - 3 by SUDOR<da:thumb id="459587929"/>
Seed - Environment 7 by JustinoaksfordGrowing ideas by momentsawStudeny nohy by Trepka
131/365 Impress by LiebegabyArtist Life by A7md3madLeft Me Barely Holding On by nikongriffin
Fishlamp by crazygrinThe Cyborg society by MattiasAgrey hours of those afternoons by deer-o
Dwarfen merchant by Vaejoun<da:thumb id="458563628"/>You cannot fly, little crane. by IndigoSummerr
good morning by NPenguinAmidst a Dream by jura-chanRuin by Shilpit
Framed by Moon Jellies by emmaseaMelancholia. by nevermadehora sexta - B/W by TheHazir
160 / 365 by OliviaRosePhotoUntitled by KurraudeaStreet Haggler by PatrickMonnier
Die Kuppel by feigenfruchtCharlotte, Wander On by HeliacWolfwires by danila2freak
Snail by MohannadQassabcoloured frost. by JuliannaRembrandt
metro 38 by Hengki24The Mailboxes by kilkennycatthe last flowers by TanyaShatseva

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  • Playing: GTA V (done)
  • Drinking: Cola because no milk today
Hello World

I decided to change my usual feature style and showcase artists more clearly. I just recently have been featured in that manner at it is a more rewarding feeling. Still don't neglect the "other" artwork sections where there are only thumbs. This is not because of the quality of their work but my laziness. 

Maybe I am a bit early with the monthly feature but the weekend is still upcoming and what is done is done. 
As always on Pinterest you will find my Blog likes of the month. Equal to the Journal feature here on deviantart.


ovo by aerendialmindscape road VIII by aerendialSubmarine by aerendial

Martin Eden by Pavement-artistYours Eugenia by Pavement-artistUntitled by Pavement-artist

everdine.II by sollenafotografieeverdine.I by sollenafotografiecynthia. by sollenafotografie

The Writer by DosshausA pause by DosshausDrive In by Dosshaus

other photography
umbrellas by taujpPaper birds for Mei by kittycrimegewoehnlich - ungewoehnlich by eirenikosz
En Plein Air by AlvirdimusThe Camera by Dosshaus

other artwork
I Wouldn't Go In There by MarcoBucciLost Memories by ChrisColdA Reach In Vein by TheMozzy
Lady 3 by SimonWeanerEscape Artists, Ep 1, Pg 90 by BidboroughStreetMope mope by 6vivi6ana6
Little Black Monster by ravenmiloregent street by JuliannaRembrandt:thumb447749071:

 I hope you enjoy the artwork shared here


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Hello World

I truly was wondering why everybody was writing their monthly feature till I realized that it is May already.

I think I found some gems again this (past) month. Take a minute or two out of your day to appreciate them.

week13/day1 by cloe-patracloud by contemporaryhartcolors by Nestule 
Mint by TheGhostVirus88 / 365 by OliviaRosePhotoOsandit by a14onymus
LXXXIII. Edinburgh by arianekaalone together by kopitaFilm on film by terenete
I wanna be Infinite in somewhere that's not. 3 by JoanaSorinoThe Predator by tanikelUntitled by LaurentGiguere
Gerda by Erfea:thumb428333129:

Day 199 - After 14 hours... by MonsterBrandLet's go by fholgerpusteblume by Einuhr
Beautiful by JabLabPrelude in C minor by InPluviaBrittany and Chelsea Polaroid 1 by Queen-Kitty
Anna Marie by Trepkadidgeridoo by color-filmRed by Evey90
Grigio by FeihLovesArtHunters in water by Meljona:thumb435652138:
Untitled by deepinswim

Other Awesome Artwork
Lookin For Trouble Preview 8 by OtisFramptonGold Rush by LyntonLevengoodNo pain no gain by MattiasA
Low Tide Ghost by m0zch0psAncients by DanylovHe Gave Me The Brightest Star by borda
Artist in Love III by bordaAfter Work by abnormalbrainDamaged doesn't mean dead by crazygrin
Suffocation by MySweetDarknessO.O by wlopSand Dragon by drachenmagier

Maybe You can check out some of my series & projects

Polaroid Portrait Project (Here to the Blog Page)
We Are Star Stuff (digital editing + Analog Film)

PS: still would appreciate votes on my most recent polls
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